The New WellcomeMat is finally here!

Yesterday was 12/12/12 and at 12:12 am the NEW WellcomeMat was revealed to a select audience. PROS look for your activation code in the AM!! Given our long history of releasing new updates early and often, some of you may have been wondering where we’ve been. Our answer is simple: we decided to leverage all that we’ve learned since starting WellcomeMat and completely rework the system. Learn more here >

WM2 Sneak Peek Screenshots

With the new WellcomeMat just a few weeks away from its official launch, we thought we’d share some early looks at the new *completely rebuilt from ground up* video service. After “hours” of brainstorming, we’ve decided to informally call this new service WellcomeMat2! Yes we saved all our creativity for the site. Hope you dig it.

- Phil + Team

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Real Estate Video Trends: From Agent to Broker Owner

Today’s real estate video trends interview is with Doug Heddings, Founder of the Heddings Property Group in New York City. Doug shares his story of how real estate video helped him go from an individual real estate agent to an owner of a multi-state and multi-office real estate brand.

It’s inspiring to see how Doug leveraged video to be a core part of his listing presentation. It helped him acquire exclusive real estate listings which in turn helped grow his business to what it is today. It’s a good reminder to think about who you are creating these videos for as they have a purpose for both the seller and the home buyer and renter.

A big thank you to Doug for sharing his story with all of us.

In 5 Years Everyone Will Be Doing Real Estate Video – James Dwiggins

“I really encourage people to embrace video. Being in this business my entire life we have constantly had little things nipping at us and a little bit less relevancy for the realtor. I think video will give agents an opportunity to become the center of the transaction. Not only just the transaction, but before. They can have a voice before because let’s face it, it is our industry which has the local knowledge base about what goes on in each market. There is no better way to create an emotional connect with the consumer than putting somebody on camera and having them talk about things that most people won’t know about.”

James Dwiggins, Vice President, Realty World Northern California & Nevada

(Source: Real Estate Video Trends: Ep 08, Luxury Lifestyle Video)

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