3 Things Publishers Should Consider Before Uploading or Distributing Videos to YouTube

For video publishers that consistently invest time, energy and money into their own sites, there are many things to consider before uploading or distributing content to YouTube. The following is a list of blog posts that cover subjects such as:


1. Real Estate Video Views, YouTube and Reality
How publishers may end up competing with YouTube when relying on it as 1) a primary video delivery vehicle, or 2) a distribution point.

2. YouTube – The Opposite Effect of Google
Is YouTube a search engine? Our answer might surprise you.

3. WellcomeMat vs YouTube
How do online video platforms like WellcomeMat stack up against YouTube?

Disclaimer: WellcomeMat (the publisher of this blog) is a online and mobile video platform. We facilitate automated distribution to YouTube for users and our enterprise partners because they value this option. We simply have seen the pros and cons and believe all should consider both.

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