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WellcomeMat is best known as the leading real estate video platform and is heavily relied upon for the branding, publishing, distribution and measurement of locally focused video content. With over 17,000 real estate professionals, 8,000 real estate video production companies and many A-list real estate firms using our platform, WellcomeMat represents the most penetrated online and mobile video system in real estate.

Leading Real Estate Videos of the World

Our view from the front row at the Leading Companies of the World event in Orlando, FL.

As I walked into the main ballroom of the Hilton in Orlando with Rudy Bachraty, the butterflies became me.  Paul Boomsma and Pam O’Connor, two people I have an immense amount of respect for, were about to announce WellcomeMat’s partnership with the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World (Leading RE).

I believe I floated to my seat as I pondered 550 of the worlds strongest independent brokerages, 140,000 agents and a network responsible for transacting $225 Billion in 2011 having full reign on the WellcomeMat platform and filmmaker network…

Not only was I humbled by the fact that, after our highly positive outcome with Luxury Portfolio (a special thanks to Stephanie Pfeffer), we were expanding our partnership to the entire Leading RE network: I literally felt-like a gentle breeze, created by the universe and hitting me in the face right there in the ballroom-a quantum shift occurring in the future of real estate marketing.

Video is, in fact, becoming a quintessential (perhaps the most important part) of real estate marketing.

For those of us that have been in disbelief that video was not yet the mainstay of real estate marketing, every year has been “the year of video.” This win is for all of you and we make no exceptions. Whether you are a part of our filmmaker network, a competitor, WellcomeMat member and/or fan: if you are or have been a part of the real estate video revolution, it’s ON!

We are humbled by the opportunity to serve Leading RE brokerages. We are devoted to driving the quality of real estate video to the highest possible peaks. And, we are committed to the best possible outcome for the Leading RE team, whom has given us yet another thing to believe in. Thank you Stephanie, Paul, Pam and the rest of the Leading RE team for believing in us…



YouTube – The Invisible Aggregator

Typically, WellcomeMat’s team goes to great lengths to not take sides on political matters within the real estate space. Why? Because it is not our place to do so.

But when it comes to our partners, there is no question as to where we stand. As strategic partners, we are here to position our customers’ video content in the best possible way – by facilitating direct traffic to their sites.

However, in light of all the chatter online last night (see links at bottom of this post), the irony of the following video is a bit too much to handle. Jim Abbott, an excellent communicator that I do not know, wisely chose to use video to make a statement about his company’s decision to stop syndicating it’s listings to Zillow, Trulia and

While I don’t really have an opinion on whether or not real estate companies should syndicate their listings to aggregators, I cannot help but notice the irony of using an aggregator (YouTube) to make a statement about how bad aggregators are.

Two quotes from the video above:

“All listing syndicators have one thing in common, they act as middle men and post our valuable listing data alongside the contact information of other agents and brokers…”

“….Zillow, Trulia and need our listings, along with our costly professional photography, description language and virtual tours…they need them in order to drive traffic to their sites.”

Wow…powerful statements! But, Abbott Realty Group unknowingly gave the value of their video content to YouTube. Go ahead…search for their video in Google.

If they held the same belief with all their content, specifically their videos, then they would be driving folks to content hosted on their site/domain.

Recently, the Inman News team summarized survey results that they gathered from more than 1500 top producing real estate agents in their video, Diving Into the Mind of Today’s Free Agent – First Look at the Explosive Data. The following statistics really say it all about how confused the real estate industry is about what to do with video content:

  1. 81% of agents making more than $100,000 per year have and use a YouTube channel.
  2. Second to the #1 source of new business (referrals), agents listed “their own website” as the #2 most important (see minute 12:00 and on in the video)

The second most important source of new business for agents is their own website, yet they use a video site that gathers all the traffic and audience generated from their content, while presenting viewers with competing videos from other agents and brokers?


- – -

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Core Values – A Look Into the Heart of WellcomeMat

Marc Davison recently tweeted…

What R the core values U apply to ur biz daily? Leave a short list here in the comments section and help influence others!

He’s (again) stirred up a great conversation via a post on this very topic. Here’s my (Christian Sterner) answer…

“WellcomeMat’s team expresses gratitude (even merely for having someone’s attention) with every contact. We value people’s time to the point where it’s a competitive advantage (ie…nobody outworks us and nobody launches into action more quickly). We are humble, unassuming and thorough. We get our hands dirty: from the customers’ point of view, we are a horizontal organization (they might hear directly from a founder, or the person dumping the trash…but they will hear something valuable, from someone, quicker than they expect to hear something).

We create elegant solutions to complex problems. 

We are grateful to have survived a time when very few people were listening to us (or anyone for that matter) about real estate video. That gratitude is and always will be directed towards those that were listening: a debt that we will never repay because things are going extremely right for us now. It is our video production teams, WellcomeMat Pro customers, our partners and key influencers that allowed us to bootstrap WellcomeMat into profitability during the worst period in real estate history. 

So, I guess you could simply say our core values are to lock arms with our people and make magic of the glittery, video kind.”

WellcomeMat Announces Strategic Real Estate Video Fulfillment Partnership With StudioNow

Happy Cyber-Monday all! Rather than shop for consumer deals online today as many are, we’re busy helping new partners get up to speed on their video strategy and integrations. As the year winds down, many are stratgeically planning to expand and solidify their video presence for 2012. We are here to help. Every step of the way.

So our team at WellcomeMat is very pleased to announce our new partnership with StudioNow today. Our agreement with StudioNow offers expedited, nationwide video production services to WellcomeMat customers and partners. The agreement enables real estate brokerages, brands and individual professionals to order high quality videos from StudioNow and seamlessly integrate, distribute and measure their content via the WellcomeMat mobile and web video platform. StudioNow is a division of AOL’s Group.

“Every good real estate video strategy answers two questions,” said Christian Sterner, founder of WellcomeMat. “How can every member of our team create quality content and what will we do with our videos to connect with new and existing customers? By featuring StudioNow’s highly qualified and trusted network of professional production talent with full customer support, WellcomeMat has greatly enhanced its capabilities as an all-in-one solution for real estate brands wishing to lead the real estate video revolution.” 

“StudioNow is thrilled to partner with WellcomeMat in this endeavor.  Our customizable platform and network of 5,000 professional filmmakers located across the country are the perfect complement to their best-in-breed video distribution strategy”, said David Mason, Founder and CEO of StudioNow.  “Furthermore, the relationships that WellcomeMat has with high-end real estate brokerages are an excellent outlet for StudioNow to expand its anytime, anywhere production capabilities.” 

- – -


About WellcomeMat:

Founded in July of 2006, WellcomeMat is a profitable, web and mobile video platform best known as the leader of real estate video. Relied upon by more than 15,000 real estate agents and many of the industry’s leading brands nationwide, WellcomeMat connects video pros with its clients and answers all questions related to what to do with quality real estate video content.

About AOL

Having helped millions of Americans to get online, AOL Inc. (NYSE: AOL) is on a mission to inform, entertain and connect the world. The home of a growing collection of premium brands, AOL creates original content that engages audiences on a local and global scale. We help marketers connect with these audiences through effective and engaging digital advertising solutions.


Residential Properties Partners with WellcomeMat for Real Estate Video

There’s a lot to be proud of here at WellcomeMat today. Residential Properties, the largest independent brokerage in Rhode Island, has become WellcomeMat’s newest brand partner.

“Video has become an incredible asset to the real estate industry. Wellcomemat has been a wonderful addition to our website so that we are better able to better show how fabulous our state is, how beautiful our properties are and video frankly is the next stage that we believe is an asset to our marketing program,” - Sally Lapides, President and CEO of Residential Properties

There’s so much about gaining Residential Properties as a partner that makes us happy, but not much we can add to the video that they created announcing our partnership…

View Residential Properties Ltd. video gallery >

“Unlike a floor plan or a virtual tour, video allows us to showcase a lifestyle and a community. We’ve been doing videos for a few years now and wanted to take it to the next level. With the explosion of mobile, we wanted our video content to play back on all devices – iPad, iPhone, Android platform. Youtube is a great social networking site and video gallery but is based on ad revenue. As a brokerage, we understand the importance of developing and refining content and we wanted to be able to index on the search engines. WellcomeMat has made that easy,” - Tom Flanagan, Directory of Technology – Residential Properties.

- – -

Many thanks to Sally, Tom and team for your leadeship and execution of great local real estate video. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with you. We are thankful.

Lights. Camera. Action!

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