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The Art of Storytelling #ICNY


If you’re attending Inman Real Estate Connect today, be sure to check out Innovation track 4, “Mastering Video” beginning at 2pm today. This track features five sessions covering everything you need to learn about real estate video.

WellcomeMat Co-Founder Christian Sterner will be joining 1000 Watt’s Marc Davison at 3pm for a fireside chat, “The Art of Storytelling“.

More info here:

A few quick notes on the future of real estate video

Yesterday, I was fortunate to have an opportunity to share our insights into real estate video at RE Barcamp in NYC. I sat alongside some great folks including Sandy Edry, Vince Collura, Doug Heddings and Mark Passerby. Our panel was loosely titled, “Video for every situation and price. When to DIY and when to pay a pro.”

Here are a few notes I took down during the conversation (#REBCNY):

  • Contrary to statements made in 2010 and 2011, 2012 is the year of real estate video. Sandy Edry an just about everyone else in the audience agreed.
  • Videos of neighborhoods and communities are like catnip for consumers. People searching for local info about your area will find your videos and then find you.
  • Along with providing great service, there is no more powerful way for a real estate agent or brokerage to stand out than by posting quality videos of the areas they represent. In these cases in best if a professional shoot the footage.
  • Video evokes emotion and helps tell the story of a property or place. Maybe you should see for yourself.
  • A home stager in the crowd expressed interest in using video to showcase before and after examples of his work. Group consensus was that he should use photos for the before and show video for the after.
  • It’s ok to try video just realize it’s easy to shoot, the hard part (READ: time consuming) is in the editing. If you do shoot your own videos, HD Hat can edit them for you at a very low cost. Focus on what you do best and let the pros handle the rest.
  • According to Mark Passerby owner of HD Hat, by 2014 90% of all content will be displayed via video. The actual quote is from Cisco stating 90% of all web traffic will be video, however I have to downplay this one a bit. Each time you watch a video you are churning through more than 10x the data (2-500mb) than text (1-30k) and or photos (60k-300k). Presuming traffic is a reflection of data packets (information flow), this is a slightly disingenuous stat. Nonetheless, compare how much video you watched in 2007 to 2012. BOOM!
  • Mark also makes some killer attachments for the iPhone and iPad. If you are considering shooting your own videos, be sure to check out his hardware here. I was practically drooling over this iPhone lens wide angle adapter.
  • Vince Collura of Gotham Photo Company mentioned clients are paying anywhere from $550 and up for video tours. Hinted [not verifyied] that on occasion the seller may be supplementing a portion of the cost for video production.
  • One of the first to NYC brokers to use video (if not the first) Doug Heddings Founder of Heddings Property Group pays about $550 / video and has ever since he started way back in 2007. Oh and here’s his virgin real estate video. Doug only shoots with professionals.
  • Where you put your videos matters.
  • Someone asked me if you can embed a video channel on your Facebook page. Answer is yes and here’s how.
  • The quality of real estate video is getting better and some might say… sexier.
  • Video can be used in many different ways that do not always require a professional. For example, imagine your client can’t leave work but he/she wants to see the washer and dryer OR the backyard. You could pull your iphone out and quickly show a specific feature in realtime. At times convenience trumps quality.
  • Different strokes for different folks. Try both out and see what works best for your business. Just get started this year.

Lastly, over the course of our panel some very nice things were said about WellcomeMat. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Our team has been eating, sleeping and breathing real estate video since 2005. We’re thrilled to have you join the movement!

WellcomeMat and Gotham Photo Company Filming ReBarCamp New York #rebcny

If you’ll be attending #rebcy on Monday, we hope you won’t be camera shy. Together with Gotham Photo Company, we will be documenting the entire day through the lens of a camera.

As the leading real estate video publishing platform and filmmaker directory, we are working with our top filmmakers nationwide to cover real estate events. Our filmmakers will tell the story of what actually happened at the event in a documentary type manner.

To get a glimpse of what to expect, please check out this video from the last real estate event we attended:

The theme was all about Creating Unique Content. You can read my summary of the event here. I wonder what topics will dominate at #rebcny?

A little birdie tells me there might be a few sessions on video and filmmaking, so please bring your questions.

Thanks to everyone at team #rebcny for having us. We look forward to seeing each of you next week!