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Making Video Search & Discovery Great in 53 Minutes

I’m thrilled to announce WellcomeMat will be hosting a panel Thursday, May 17th @ 2pm during Internet Week in NYC. Our panel, “Making Video Search & Discovery Great in 53 Minutes” features some fantastic players in the video space including Tremor Media, DotSub, Digitas and See below for more information or visit the 2012 schedule on

NOTE: Thursday’s classroom sessions will be streamed LIVE online here:

An explosion of social sharing and digital technologies (speech/image recognition, video tagging, etc.) threaten to disrupt conventional video search wisdom. Opportunities are abound for content owners and creators to create better video experiences while maximizing the value of their video libraries. How will search extend beyond simple meta data (keyword & titles)? Why are the guts (what’s inside) of online videos completely overlooked by search engines? Most importantly, exactly how can we (content creators and technologists) make video search and discovery the best it can be for viewers?

Join us next Thursday at 12pm in downtown New York or tune into the Livestream (TBA) and help make the future of search and discovery great in under 53 minutes. Hope to see you there!

Phil Thomas Di Giulio (@holaphil), Co-Founder, [MODERATOR]
Paul Kontonis (@kontonis), VP, Group Director, Brand Content US, The Third Act at Digitas
Reece Pacheco (@reecepacheco), Founder & CEO,
Brian Smiga (@bsmiga), GM Marketplace – a division of  Tremor Video
Michael Smolens (@mlsmolens), Founder & Chairman,

Date & Location:
May 17 at 2:00 PM
82 Mercer St
New York, NY 10012

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The following video is from a panel we organized for Internet Week 2010 titled, “Mobile Applications in the Modern World”…