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Making Video Search & Discovery Great in 53 Minutes

I’m thrilled to announce WellcomeMat will be hosting a panel Thursday, May 17th @ 2pm during Internet Week in NYC. Our panel, “Making Video Search & Discovery Great in 53 Minutes” features some fantastic players in the video space including Tremor Media, DotSub, Digitas and See below for more information or visit the 2012 schedule on

NOTE: Thursday’s classroom sessions will be streamed LIVE online here:

An explosion of social sharing and digital technologies (speech/image recognition, video tagging, etc.) threaten to disrupt conventional video search wisdom. Opportunities are abound for content owners and creators to create better video experiences while maximizing the value of their video libraries. How will search extend beyond simple meta data (keyword & titles)? Why are the guts (what’s inside) of online videos completely overlooked by search engines? Most importantly, exactly how can we (content creators and technologists) make video search and discovery the best it can be for viewers?

Join us next Thursday at 12pm in downtown New York or tune into the Livestream (TBA) and help make the future of search and discovery great in under 53 minutes. Hope to see you there!

Phil Thomas Di Giulio (@holaphil), Co-Founder, [MODERATOR]
Paul Kontonis (@kontonis), VP, Group Director, Brand Content US, The Third Act at Digitas
Reece Pacheco (@reecepacheco), Founder & CEO,
Brian Smiga (@bsmiga), GM Marketplace – a division of  Tremor Video
Michael Smolens (@mlsmolens), Founder & Chairman,

Date & Location:
May 17 at 2:00 PM
82 Mercer St
New York, NY 10012

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The following video is from a panel we organized for Internet Week 2010 titled, “Mobile Applications in the Modern World”…

Real Estate Video Twitter Chat – Distribution VS Syndication #revideo

Video Distribution

We’re back this week for another real estate video chat on Twitter.

See the latest Twitter search stream for #revideo

This week, we’ll be on Twitter at 6- 6:30pm PST/ 9-9:30 pm EST talking real estate video again under the hashtag #revideo. If you want to join the Twitter chat, simply post your tweets using the hashtag “#revideo” and/or view the #revideo chat on Twitter.

Our subject for the next two (2) weeks will be ‘Video Distribution & Syndication’. Topics, time permitting, will be in the following order:

  1. Video – Syndication VS Distribution
  2. Challenges of sharing real estate video to MLS
  3. Video – # of Views VS Quality of views
  4. Video platform ROI

See you there!

YouTube – The Invisible Aggregator

Typically, WellcomeMat’s team goes to great lengths to not take sides on political matters within the real estate space. Why? Because it is not our place to do so.

But when it comes to our partners, there is no question as to where we stand. As strategic partners, we are here to position our customers’ video content in the best possible way – by facilitating direct traffic to their sites.

However, in light of all the chatter online last night (see links at bottom of this post), the irony of the following video is a bit too much to handle. Jim Abbott, an excellent communicator that I do not know, wisely chose to use video to make a statement about his company’s decision to stop syndicating it’s listings to Zillow, Trulia and

While I don’t really have an opinion on whether or not real estate companies should syndicate their listings to aggregators, I cannot help but notice the irony of using an aggregator (YouTube) to make a statement about how bad aggregators are.

Two quotes from the video above:

“All listing syndicators have one thing in common, they act as middle men and post our valuable listing data alongside the contact information of other agents and brokers…”

“….Zillow, Trulia and need our listings, along with our costly professional photography, description language and virtual tours…they need them in order to drive traffic to their sites.”

Wow…powerful statements! But, Abbott Realty Group unknowingly gave the value of their video content to YouTube. Go ahead…search for their video in Google.

If they held the same belief with all their content, specifically their videos, then they would be driving folks to content hosted on their site/domain.

Recently, the Inman News team summarized survey results that they gathered from more than 1500 top producing real estate agents in their video, Diving Into the Mind of Today’s Free Agent – First Look at the Explosive Data. The following statistics really say it all about how confused the real estate industry is about what to do with video content:

  1. 81% of agents making more than $100,000 per year have and use a YouTube channel.
  2. Second to the #1 source of new business (referrals), agents listed “their own website” as the #2 most important (see minute 12:00 and on in the video)

The second most important source of new business for agents is their own website, yet they use a video site that gathers all the traffic and audience generated from their content, while presenting viewers with competing videos from other agents and brokers?


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The chatter: – Third-Party Advertising
Inman Next – The Video That Will Rock the Industry
Facebook – Raise The Bar
- Third party real estate listing companies, too big to fail?
- Facebook – All Realtors need to watch this video

How to Create Your Own Video Channel on Facebook

“The obscure we see eventually. The completely obvious, it seems, takes longer.”
- Edward R. Murrow

One of the many benefits of bringing new teammates on board is that they bring a fresh perspective the table. Having spent five plus years developing WellcomeMat, sometimes it’s hard to see some of the more obvious applications of our service. One such example recently came up when this new guy asked us, ‘Hey gang, is it possible to embed my WellcomeMat video channel (all of my videos) on Facebook?’

Naturally we google’d around for answers. Ten minutes later team WellcomeMat had a video channel embedded on Facebook (see below) and and now you can too!!

Video Channel on Facebook

Ok so on to the important stuff… why should this should matter to you? Well for one, Facebook offers a tremendous opportunity to expose your content to the right audience. Think of all the people (potential customers) who visit your facebook page. Now you can showcase all of your videos in one place. If you’re thinking you can do the same using Facebook video, you’re only half right. If you were wise enough to set up traffic fowarding on WellcomeMat [wink wink] for your website or blog (your domain), all videos shared from your WellcomeMat video channel will point back to your website as will all search results for these videos. Ergo videos found on Facebook point back to your website. Third party video hosts (i.e, YouTube, Vimeo) will not do that for you. Don’t worry, we got your back :¬)

I guess Murrow was right afterall. Have at it folks…

Step 1: Grab embed code for your WellcomeMat video channel

Step 1: Grab your video channel embed code on WellcomeMat

Step 2: Add Static HTML app to your Facebook page

Step 2: Add the Static HTML app to your Facebook page

Step 3: Embed code and select ‘Save and view Tab’. Note: Be sure to chose no scrollbars! View page either as a Fan or Non-Fan.

Step 3: Embed code and select ‘Save and view Tab’.

Real Estate Video Views, YouTube and Reality

Sometimes it takes a very long time for people, companies and brands (including us) to do things the right way. We understand this and-other than to play our role towards progress -we have somehow found our way into patience. But, for those that want to master the video game in real estate, I wanted to take some time to present some facts about video views, where they are coming from, and further debunk the idea that YouTube is a platform to be relied on by people that care about their own sites.

We have already determined that YouTube is not a search engine, but let’s take this idea a little further and explore the fact that the majority of views that you do get on YouTube are from Google.

Wow…can that be true? Yes, it is true. For proof, consider the following image found in Brightcove and Tubemogul’s last quarterly report on the subject of online/mobile video.

Knowing that roughly 85% of viewer traffic comes from sources above, wouldn't it make sense for views to occur on YOUR site?

Google is Still Close to 60% of all Viewer Referrals

Facebook – 9.6% of all Viewer Referrals

Yahoo! – Right Below Facebook (for the first time, Yahoo! referred less viewer traffic than Facebook)

Importantly, this means that–even if we discount Bing, Twitter and ALL other traffic referrals–YouTube is only responsible for providing less than 25% of all the views on its videos. Add in other viewer traffic sources and, well, YouTube provides even less of the views that occur on its site.

What Does This All Mean? The golden nuggets that we take from this are as follows:

#1 When a video platform indexes content, and forwards all traffic into its users’ and partners’ websites  (which WellcomeMat does), and those people are also posting their videos on YouTube, they are putting themselves at a disadvantage (this is not our users’ or partners fault! WellcomeMat is enabling auto-distribution. Shame on us?)

Google Search Results - You vs YouTube

#2 People that spend time and money creating great videos should ask, “if more than 75% of views that occur on YouTube are actually coming from sources other than YouTube, would it be better to have video views occurring on our website? Would we have a better chance at connecting with new and existing customers?”

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