Core Values – A Look Into the Heart of WellcomeMat

Marc Davison recently tweeted…

What R the core values U apply to ur biz daily? Leave a short list here in the comments section and help influence others!

He’s (again) stirred up a great conversation via a post on this very topic. Here’s my (Christian Sterner) answer…

“WellcomeMat’s team expresses gratitude (even merely for having someone’s attention) with every contact. We value people’s time to the point where it’s a competitive advantage (ie…nobody outworks us and nobody launches into action more quickly). We are humble, unassuming and thorough. We get our hands dirty: from the customers’ point of view, we are a horizontal organization (they might hear directly from a founder, or the person dumping the trash…but they will hear something valuable, from someone, quicker than they expect to hear something).

We create elegant solutions to complex problems. 

We are grateful to have survived a time when very few people were listening to us (or anyone for that matter) about real estate video. That gratitude is and always will be directed towards those that were listening: a debt that we will never repay because things are going extremely right for us now. It is our video production teams, WellcomeMat Pro customers, our partners and key influencers that allowed us to bootstrap WellcomeMat into profitability during the worst period in real estate history. 

So, I guess you could simply say our core values are to lock arms with our people and make magic of the glittery, video kind.”

3 thoughts on “Core Values – A Look Into the Heart of WellcomeMat”

  1. 100% appreciated and agreed upon. It’s time this industry stopped looking at every other player as if we are playing a zero sum game. We suck at a lot of things – video isn’t one.

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