Do You Consider Yourself a Publisher?

OK so you’ve produced some killer local community videos or real estate video tours, now what? WellcomeMat Co-Founder, Christian Sterner (@sterner) addresses the question, “Where should I put my content?”.

The following footage and transcript is a portion of this conversation about online video in real estate that took place on Thursday, January 13 at the Real Estate Connect conference in midtown Manhattan.

Gahlord: I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about… from a tech [or content] standpoint, what are some of the things to think about that you see when setting up a channel as opposed to uploading a video to YouTube or Vimeo?

Christian: The real question is, “Do you consider yourselves publishers or do you NOT consider yourselves publishers?” If what you’re doing is using and creating content to generate an audience on your website or to to basically build up viewership on your website, than you’re a publisher. If you don’t care about that and that’s not part of your game-plan, than you can post your content elsewhere and the views will occur there. What it really comes down to is, “What is the best funnel? What is the best experience for you as a business or a professional in regards to where the views occur?” The people that use WellcomeMat’s platform – right now we have over 14,000 individual real estate professionals and brands such as Houlihan Lawrence, Prudential Douglas Elliman, Halstead Properties, Seven Gables in California, Weichert, – all of them are leveraging content to generate traffic and audience on their website because they believe that’s the best spot for a view to occur so they can connect with people emotionally, but also connect with them offline. 

Gahlord: For example someone hosting a video on YouTube, if a visitor saw it on YouTube they’d be at whereas someone using [WellcomeMat] would see the video on [hypothetically] “”.

Christian: We automatically distribute video content from our platform to YouTube. As a large firm for instance, all of your agents will have access to all of the tools they need to succeed with video content. They can distribute video to their individual YouTube channels as well as Facebook, Facebook Fan pages, Twitter, Posterous, their MLS, and… [their websites]. The goal with our platform is to establish the content on your site and through up a huge wide net or bat signal pulling people into your website.

Gahlord: So you want the traffic to be going to from YouTube or other places to your won website as opposed to spending a lot of time building content for YouTube or other places?

Christian: Well.. the goal of our users is typically to generate as much buzz as humanly possible, but to ignore YouTube would be absolutely ridiculous. The content needs to be there, there’s no question about that. In relation to Google, YouTube is not really a search engine in the “traditional sense”. People find content on YouTube. They watch content on YouTube and then they watch other content on YouTube. Google sends traffic to publisher sites based on ranking algorithms. So that’s where the real difference is.


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