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One of the first major hurdles of implementing a video strategy at your brokerage or franchise brand is figuring out what types of content to focus on.

For fun, we decided to eliminate this problem.

Our team pulled a sample of the last 4 million video views that have occurred via the WellcomeMat platform. Because we are focused entirely on real estate video, we were able to then break those views down per category (i.e. video tours, profile videos, community tours, etc.) to see which kinds of content were performing the best out of all the content uploaded into our service. Here are the results:

We found the results very eye opening and have been passing this image around for the last few months amongst our partners.

What’s cool is that the best performing content (video tours for listings) is also the easiest to focus your content strategy on. The reason? Agents and brokers have the highest vested in interest in creating video tours of homes, rentals etc. For them, the payoff can be immediate: presenting video as part of your listing presentation wins listings, good video tours qualify people interested in properties before they show up in person, agents can use video tours as an introduction to themselves etc.

For those that cannot view the image in this post, here’s the shortlist of the best performing video content:

9 thoughts on “Performance Based Content Strategy – Real Estate Video”

  1. Are these views weighted against the % of available videos by category? For example, if ‘Profile Videos’ make up only 4% of all videos, but are getting over 8% of all views, this would indicate that agents get a great return on a profile video. Conversely, if ‘Neighborhood Videos’ make up 20% of all videos, but are only getting 7.2% of the views, this would say that agents don’t get a (relatively) high return on these.

  2. No…and you are right: your suggestions would make for better stats (as well as a great future blog post). Thanks for the questions: you’re putting us back to work!

  3. Excellent website you have going! I am getting into doing some of the same things you are doing over here in Asia. I am a videography company located in Japan (I’m American however). Very informative and helpful! Thanks!!!

  4. Thanks for the great and informative post. Truly, if videos are the ones that are being presented to the buyers or prospects, then the great thing here is that they would immediately actually “see” what they are going to purchase. The results are lesser worries for the buyer, and lesser hassles for the agents and brokers.

  5. Great posting Christian. Indeed, video tours of properties are much effective means in promoting and advertising a home or any other kind of property. This will be much easier for both the buyer and the seller.

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