Photos: The Art of Storytelling #ICNY

Here are a few photos from the The Art of Storytelling panel, a conversation that took place during the 2012 Real Estate Connect conference in NYC. The chat included 1000Watt Consulting Partner Mark Davison and WellcomeMat Co-Founder Christian Sterner. View the video footage from this event here, “How do you Tell a Story in Real Estate using Quality Filmmaking? #icny”

About this panel:
Beyond technical know-how, one of the keys to creating compelling video content is knowing how to craft a narrative that will captivate your audience. In this one-on-one conversation hosted by Marc Davison, WellcomeMat co-founder Christian Sterner will discuss how to bring your story to life through video.

View the complete set here on Facebook >

View the complete set here on Facebook >

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