Real Estate Video Views, YouTube and Reality

Sometimes it takes a very long time for people, companies and brands (including us) to do things the right way. We understand this and-other than to play our role towards progress -we have somehow found our way into patience. But, for those that want to master the video game in real estate, I wanted to take some time to present some facts about video views, where they are coming from, and further debunk the idea that YouTube is a platform to be relied on by people that care about their own sites.

We have already determined that YouTube is not a search engine, but let’s take this idea a little further and explore the fact that the majority of views that you do get on YouTube are from Google.

Wow…can that be true? Yes, it is true. For proof, consider the following image found in Brightcove and Tubemogul’s last quarterly report on the subject of online/mobile video.

Knowing that roughly 85% of viewer traffic comes from sources above, wouldn’t it make sense for views to occur on YOUR site?

Google is Still Close to 60% of all Viewer Referrals

Facebook – 9.6% of all Viewer Referrals

Yahoo! – Right Below Facebook (for the first time, Yahoo! referred less viewer traffic than Facebook)

Importantly, this means that–even if we discount Bing, Twitter and ALL other traffic referrals–YouTube is only responsible for providing less than 25% of all the views on its videos. Add in other viewer traffic sources and, well, YouTube provides even less of the views that occur on its site.

What Does This All Mean? The golden nuggets that we take from this are as follows:

#1 When a video platform indexes content, and forwards all traffic into its users’ and partners’ websites  (which WellcomeMat does), and those people are also posting their videos on YouTube, they are putting themselves at a disadvantage (this is not our users’ or partners fault! WellcomeMat is enabling auto-distribution. Shame on us?)

Google Search Results – You vs YouTube

#2 People that spend time and money creating great videos should ask, “if more than 75% of views that occur on YouTube are actually coming from sources other than YouTube, would it be better to have video views occurring on our website? Would we have a better chance at connecting with new and existing customers?”

5 thoughts on “Real Estate Video Views, YouTube and Reality”

  1. Do you have an opinion on Google’s move of eliminating real estate searches (showing actual individual houses for sale when looking under Google Local?

  2. None other than web and mobile based real estate is hard to do well. It takes a real estate focused company to do a great job and I think we can all agree that Google and YouTube are great generalists.

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