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Video, The Great Agent Reboot of 2012

“If you’ve never attended an Agent Reboot in the past and wondered what it was like, you’re not alone.”  – Rudy Bachraty (via post)

That’s precisely why WellcomeMat teamed up with filmmakers over at Gotham Photo Company to capture the essence of Agent Reboot at last week’s inaugural 2012 event here in NYC. Thanks to the folks at Inman News for allowing us to film the event!

What is Agent Reboot?
Agent Reboot presents all of the latest tools and technologies for your business, but in a way that starts by asking the question, “What’s my strategy?” Twitter, Facebook, blogging, video, etc. all incredibly powerful communication tools; however, you will never see the results your looking for until you set goals and determine a strategic plan to meet those goals.

This is Agent Reboot…

A few quotes from the video:

“Agents are very excited about technology and they want to know what the newest technology is. So what we’re covering at Reboot is that if  you don’t understand the people, opportunities and strategies… the technologies aren’t going to be a big part of your business. If you understanding who you’re targeting, how you’re going target them, and you spend a lot of time coming up with strategies. Maybe even spending money on strategy and not product – that’s kind of the concept.”

- Chris Smith, Chief Evangelist, Inman News and Contributing Editor, InmanNext, @chris_smth, @inmannext

- – -

“Reboot’s like a cleanse for real estate agents. It’s how we restart our year and get our business going and think about the new things we’re going to do different…   So that we can hit brand new goals or brand new levels in our business. The entire event is filled with some of the greatest minds in real estate, some of the smartest agents, the people that actually trying to survice. The brokers who are trying to figure out the solutions on how they can recruit more agents or how they can get their agents to do more deals. Everybody’s here and everyone’s paying attention.”
- Ben Kinney, President, Home4Investment Real Estate Team, @benkinney

- – -

“What agents can really expect from Agent Reboot in 2012 is a real high level strategic discussion about what they should be doing. And we hope the conversations start happening where they’re thinking about… Is this good for my business? Is this going to generate more leads? Is this going to make more money in the coming year? We’re just really excited about the direction of Agent Reboot.”
- Katie Lance, Director of Social Media, Inman News and Contributing Editor, InmanNext, @katielance, @inmannext

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