Video’s Declaration of Independence from Virtual Tours

Full motion video is at last making it into the limelight as a mainstream way for agents, brokerages and brands to better market themselves and their properties. One of the last major hurdles between video and mass adoption in the real estate industry is proper distribution online — where real videos cease to be called “Virtual Tours” within real estate search sites.

7 thoughts on “Video’s Declaration of Independence from Virtual Tours”

  1. Not only is it important that videos are called videos, I think it is equally important that “virtual tours” are not called “videos”. Automating a slide show of still pictures does not a video make, whether you add music, narration or annotations winging in from all sides of the screen to tell you which room is which. We do actual walkthrough video of many of our properties and include them in a blog post, post to Facebook, Twitter, have a YouTube channel and more.

  2. Yes, what is said above is as about as true as it gets. A video SHOWS you so much more that just a flat photo, the presenter’s presence is very important, and when a potential buyer meets that presenter they feel a connection instantly they would not get without the video. It all means credibility to the client, and that credibility puts up more SOLD signs on property!

  3. Interesting final question; if these syndicators (, Trulia, Zillow) are already profiting from “our” listings, why should we “pay” anything additional for video?

  4. Two things – first off – I doubt Ken Burns ever intended to have images in the film passed off as real footage – and when “video” tour companies suggest I upload my “images” so they can create a video. It dilutes what is a real video tour, and our clients can tell. Don’t think for a second that Realtors are so far ahead of the world with tech. 

    Second point, the pay models in the survey – I think neither should be an option, I am not sure I would pay for either version – but I might pay to be a member of Wellcomemat. 

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