Wellcoming John Greene to The Mat!

We’re very psyched to announce that John Green Realtor (our first Chicago based brokerage) has selected WellcomeMat as their exclusive video platform!


The most exciting things about winning John Greene as a partner are as follows:

  1. They are a very strong brokerage, with tons of history serving the Northwest suburbs of Chicagoland. 
  2. The John Greene team is our most recent example of a brokerage that was relying on YouTube and saw the benefits of executing their video strategy via the WellcomeMat platform. 
  3. Their videos are great — visit their channel on whatever device you want and you will find videos that are genuine, unique, and very well done. They’ve done a really good job at giving viewers a window into what’s it like to live, work and play in their areas of coverage.

The John Greene team is a great group of people and we are proud/humbled to support their video efforts now and into the future!



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